Thursday, November 10, 2011

Minnesota Barefooters Unite to Form An Unstopable Group of Running Superheros

Ok, maybe it wasn't all the Minnesota barefooters, and we did stop a few times, but Superhero is certainly an apt description.

Sunday was my first official group run with the Minnesota Chapter of the Barefoot Runners Society.  What a great time!  Seven of us struck out from the Maplewood Community Center and headed down the Gateway trail.  It's a pretty flat route and was a nice run.  The trail was asphalt/chipseal and helped us "build character".

Here's an official recap from our fearless leader the Maple Grove Barefoot Guy.

At a distance of about 6 miles this was technically my second-longest barefoot run since my longest was the ill-fated 7 mile "get lost on a trail" run back in August.  The results of this one were much better!  I didn't end up in pain after this run and I probably could have squeezed out another mile if I had wanted.  The thing is, I'm trying to prevent those overuse injuries from ever happening again so I wouldn't have pushed it another mile.

All in all, it was a great time and I look forward to more group runs in the future.  I got some news from the MGBG that the Med-City Marathon in exotic Rochester, MN next May could turn into a real barefoot fest!  Looking forward to that in a big way!  I won't drop the names he did since I don't want to put anyone on the spot (not like they read this anyway, but still).  I'll just be doing the half-marathon, but that means I get to hit the after-party first!

If you are interested at all in barefoot running, I really encourage you to find a Barefoot Runners Society group near you.  Homebrewers and barefoot runners are the people I like to hang out with and both groups consist of the same laid-back people.  These group runs are a great place to get a little instruction, camaraderie, and confidence in your barefoot running endeavor.

Are you running the Med-City next May?  Are you going to run it barefoot?  Is anybody still reading?  Leave a comment below or on Facebook and tell me all your hopes and dreams!

Just so you don't think I've forgotten, the Invisible Shoe review is coming.  I'm hoping the snow holds off and I can go out and get some off-road running done in them on Sunday.  If not, I'll post the review with only road miles, and do a trail running review separately.  Here's a little spoiler for you:

Me, after my first run in my Invisible Shoes.  Before you ask, yes I am rocking a 1995 DHS Monarch Track and Field vintage long sleeve t-shirt.  That shirt is magical and I will never give it up.  In case you were wondering, I also have the 1994 edition at my disposal.  That's just how I roll.

Run on, Runners!

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