Monday, November 21, 2011

Invisible Shoes on Sale! 25% Off!

You all know that I love my Invisible Shoes.  I anticipate them getting me through the winter easily, and I even did a run at 26* F last night with no problems.  My hands were actually cold, and my toes were just fine!

Steven and Lena are coming up on two years of business with Invisible Shoes and they are having a HUGE sale to celebrate.  From now until midnight, November 28th, you can get 25% off everything at the Invisible Shoes online store including Custom-Made Invisible Shoes, FeelTrue™ kits, extra laces, decorative add-ons, and even the limited edition Colored Vibram Cherry kits.  When I'm not barefoot I run in the Invisible Shoes 4mm Connect featuring the FeelTrue rubber and they are awesome!

Click on the banner below or the Invisible Shoes logo to the right to check out their products and Feel the World™!

Barefoot Running Sandals by Invisible Shoes


  1. Ohh!! That's nice to know about these invisible shoes. Thanks for the information. Do keep posting.

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