Sunday, July 3, 2011

Are you the boss? Do you need the info?

A big issue when starting a new exercise program is having the correct information to get going without injury.  When you want quick and easy info you of course turn to the internet (notice I didn't say "always correct" info).  In the case of barefoot running, the info is wide, varied, and sometimes conflicting.  The best teacher is your own body of course but sometimes you need a little more reassurance

In my mind, barefoot running is a process, not an activity.  The ability to learn from the mistakes and victories of others is a great asset.  I have been actively looking for as much information I could find, mostly through the scientific route.  Daniel Lieberman at Harvard has been doing scientific research on barefoot vs. shod running and his site is a great resource if you are interested in that, but the biggest online community of barefoot runners is The Barefoot Runners Society.

From the BRS Site:

The Barefoot Runners Society was born out of a need to find others who have the same interest in running barefoot/natural.  As you know, it's comforting when you find others who share the same passion for running barefoot or minimal that you do.  It is what binds us to one another and helps us to feel that we are not alone in this otherwise solitary experience.
Our vision is that there will be BRS chapters throughout  the world which will offer support and resources to the barefoot and minimalist running community.
Our mission is:
  • To offer resources that unite barefoot and minimalist runners from around the world;
  • To promote barefoot running and minimalist running around the world and at race events as a competitive sport;
  • To educate the running public on the health benefits of barefoot and minimalist running;
  • To dispel the myths associated with barefoot running that negatively impact the sport.
 You can also find a local chapter and meet up with other barefoot runners in your area!

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