Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bare Feet and the Brain

Here's an interesting point of view by The Gait Guys.  I'm into brain research/training in the course of my clinical practice, so this was nice to see.  They give some of the rationale I use for no longer advising orthotics as we (and Podiatrists) are taught in school.  I don't just tell everyone with back pain to wear a back brace all day, so why give people with foot pain as a first line of defense?  We start now with foot strengthening and mobilization.  Some people will need orthotics in the end, but better to avoid them if possible.

They also briefly mention children and footwear.  Finding protective footwear that is functional is starting to be a little difficult for our toddler.

Neurodevelopment of the Barefoot Brain

To sum it up: if you don't use it, you lose it.  (You can, however, work to get it back!)

This is a picture of the sensory homunculus that is mentioned in the article.  The homunculus is how body parts are represented in the brain.  If they are large in the homunculus, they are well represented in the brain.  The picture is from  Not sure if it is his or he linked to it too, but at least know you know I didn't just steal it!

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