Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gymboss Interval Timer - Gear Review

Isn't it about time you heard some more about what I think?  I thought so too.

I bought the Gymboss in April.  I was embarking on my latest running career (the one that ended up leading to running barefoot) and I was following Jeff Galloway's 5K training program.  His programs focus on run/walk intervals and I was actually using a kitchen timer to do my intervals.  It was kind of cumbersome and I was spending too much time fiddling with the timer when I was trying to run.

I decided that I would invent a timer that I could set to two different intervals.  I would also make it repeat the intervals over and over until I stopped it.  Genius!  However, my electronic design skills are limited, and I don't have a soldering iron.

I have found in life that whenever I run into a problem like this someone else usually has too and they have already done something about it. That is why I love doing home improvement projects.  I usually get to go but some new tool that I didn't have before.  (I'll have you soon, compound miter saw...)  There really is nothing new under the sun, as the saying goes.  A quick Google for "interval timer" introduced me to the Gymboss.

Front View
This is a handy little gadget.  It is really simple to operate and never failed me during use.  Here's a quick rundown of features:
  1. Able to set one or two intervals.
  2. Able to repeat your intervals automatically until you stop it, or you can set a specific number of intervals you want to do.
  3. Three alarm settings: beep high, beep low, or vibrate.  You can also set it to vibrate along with either beep setting.
  4. Three alarm durations, one beep, five seconds, or 10 seconds.
  5. Strong spring clip to hold onto clothes easily.
  6. Very light weight.  I even clipped it to the neck of my t-shirt once and it didn't pull at all.
Back view/clip.  Includes a quick refresher if you forget how to operate it.
Top view.  Next and change buttons.  Start button is on the right edge (not visible).
Next to my phone for size comparison.  No, I don't have an iPhone but I am still cool.
 I really like the Gymboss.  It is exactly what I was looking for.  I don't really use it to run much right now since I'm not doing intervals, but I do use it for the half-hearted Tabata training I do in my basement.  My only complaint is that it doesn't have a stopwatch on it.  If it had that, I would use it for running more.  I went to the Gymboss website to make this suggestion and found out that they actually do have a newer model now, with a stopwatch.  I don't want to spend the money to upgrade though, so I will sit in the corner and feel sorry for myself instead.  Ok, I'm over it.

This is a great little tool.  If you get one, make sure it is the new model with the stopwatch.  I hope the next model screams motivational phrases at you if you slow down.  That would be sweet!  I might even upgrade for that.  Check them out at gymboss.com.

I sent the folks at Gymboss an email letting them know I did this review.  Just a few hours later I had a response thanking me and letting me know that my model did have a stopwatch.  All I have to do is press and hold the change button for three seconds and booyah!  Stopwatch.  Add great customer service to the list of things you get with your Gymboss timer.  I should also add that reading the directions you get with gear is a good idea!

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